Bondi Sea Captains.

Painted on the Bondi Beach Graffiti wall with Chris Nixon

Art not Apart.

I was recently invited to paint at Art not Apart festival in Canberra. It was awesome to be involved in such a great event.

Swerfk is on the left.

Bondi Groper.

I painted this guy on the Bondi graffiti wall in front of the beach.

George returns.

Painted at the Recordstore off Crown Street. Cheers to Shannon for the photo.




Benny the Rat King.

Hairball pattern.

Hair ball close up

E is for eel.

This was made for Alphabette Soup where the brief was to create a piece using 3 letters.
Process drawings included below.

process drawings

Deep Fried Fat.

Deep Fried Fat

Pigeon vs. Seagul.

pigeon vs seagul





Self Portrait.

This was for an exhibition called “Who do you think you are?”

Mike Watt Self Portrait

A couple of caps.

trucker caps